We have reviewed hundreds of Snow Melting Products and offer up our TOP 11 TIPS list for dealing with the nasty white stuff.  Everything from salts to liquid chemicals to electric blankets to huge snow melting equipment.  We list it all here:

 1. The high watt density in Powerblanket® Ground Thawing & Snow Melting Blankets helps tackle the difficulty of thawing ground in harsh climates. This line of Powerblanket® flat blankets have a higher watt density and hotter temperature than their concrete curing blankets. The higher temperatures are ideal for ground thawing applications, melting snow and ice… and curing epoxy or resins. ALL Powerblanket products are UL/CSA/CE safety certified and in stock for immediate shipment from www.HeatAuthority.com or call 866-805-4328 to speak with a sales person who can help you solve your specific cold weather issues.

2. We also recommend RapidTHAW ground thawing and ice melting electric outdoor blankets for those who are on a budget. These blanket heat pads heat up quickly and do an amazingly good job of thawing frozen ground and snow at work or around the house.   RapidTHAW patented heat spreading technology delivers a light weight, targeted heating solution for frozen ground, ice and snow, concrete, drums & barrels, frozen pipes, motors & equipment and hundreds of other cold weather applications. They keep construction projects on schedule all winter long.. Ice, snow, and water resistant. Link (RapidTHAW USA 866-805-4328).


3.  LESCO has a unique selection of the fastest and best snow and ice melting products in the industry. The LESCO de-icing and snow melting products range from the basic salt based rock salt to the unique blends of LESCO-Melt and LESCO-Melt II for faster melting in lower temperatures. In addition, the LESCO-Melt de-icing products and safer because they utilize Magnesium Chloride which results in faster ice melting and reduced damage to cured concrete, sidewalks, driveways, roofs and gutters. Link


4.  Interstate Products offer fast acting, non-toxic, liquid chemicals for ice melting. Easy to apply with immediate results. Their products use No Alcohol, No Salt – No Brine, No Chlorides and No Magnesium! Nothing hazardous. Long lasting action saves on labor and down time. Environmentally friendly ice and snow melt chemicals with special inhibitors designed to quickly melt ice or snow on contact. Easy and safe to apply. Less corrosive than water, safe for normal use on nearly all hard surfaces. Link

snow removers

5.  Snow Removal Systems, Inc. (SRS), manufactures both portable snowmelters and mobile truck mounted melters. The company has designed and patented one of the single most environmentally friendly melting processes available to date for municipal, airport, and resort applications.  Their newly developed method, HTS (Heat Transfer System), combined with extreme melt tank water circulation, is a closed loop melting system. This eliminates the escape of any exhaust carbon or particulates into the byproduct melt water as it exits the melt tank.  Link


6.  The Bylin Pavement Snowmelt System automatically clears driveways and walkways as the snow falls using high-performance heating cable and custom designed control panels. The Bylin System has been shown to be significantly less expensive to operate year after year as compared to hydronic systems. Link


7. Qik Joe by Milazzo Industries offer a wide selection of chemicals for snow & ice control.  Ranging from salts to liquid chemicals to pellets.  Qik Joe products are fast and effective on tough frozen ground and pavement.  Link



8.  Valtec’s GREEN FIRE granular snow & ice melter options are easy to apply and are an economical choice for those on a budget. The very high effectiveness of the Green Fire product makes it an outstanding value and customers who purchase this item often come back for more. These products are safe to handle, won’t irritate your skin, and won’t damage surfaces.  Link


LSS Ice Melting

9.  LSS distributes a wide range of melting chemicals and heated mats for almost every situation.   Everything from basic snow shovels to chemical spreaders to ice melting pellets. Reasonably priced and very effective products. Link

michigan melters

10.  Michigan Melters manufacture large ice & snow melting machines available in several different sizes depending on your application.   These large machines can melt 70 ton of snow per hour without even blinking.  Link

desert mountain ice melting

11.  Desert Mountan specializes in High Performance Ice Melts including the Ice Slicer, Meltdown, Apex, and Apogee line of snow & ice melting products.  Visit them online for a detailed description of their full line of equipment. Link