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RapidTHAW Snow Melters
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Large Ground Thawing Mats
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Outdoor 6’x25′ Snow Mats
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RapidTHAW™ ground & snow thawing electric blankets are ideal for any cold weather project on a budget.  Also effective at curing bridge decks, tilt-up, precast, block walls, footings, flat work, and much more.  Stay ahead of schedule and start saving time, money and labor with the only thaw and cure multi-use heat spreading blankets on the market since 1965.  RapidTHAW™ & CureMAX™ have the CURE for all your cold weather construction needs!  On the job or around the house, these construction blankets will bring you the heated required to do the job right!  Melt snow fast ~

  • Melt ice, snow, and frost quickly
  • Thaw up to 24″ of frozen ground FAST
  • Prevent concrete freezing, cracking, and rapid drying
  • Reduce cure time and increase concrete PSI
  • Deliver a superior finished product every time
  • Melt roof snow and ice dams

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Has Cold Weather Got You Hostage?  Winter Weather Killing Your Business?  We’ve Got You Covered! Cold weather construction just got a whole lot easier thanks to RapidTHAW™ & CureMAX™ electric ground thawing and snow melting outdoor heated construction blankets.  Built for tough outdoor conditions, RapidTHAW™ & CureMAX™ insulated heat blankets are waterproof, weatherproof, have welded seams and are built to last.  Keep crews working and avoid costly delays by using the #1 name in outdoor heaters: RAPID THAW™ / CureMAX™!

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 Heat Thaw LogoRapidTHAW™ blankets do not require a thermostat.  Blankets run full-throttle and maintain a consistent temperature beneath the blanket of 60°F above the ambient air temperature. Adding a second insulated blanket on top is strongly recommended for maximum results and will raise temperatures beneath the blanket by an additional 15°F.

RapidTHAW™ heated blankets are constructed of tough reinforced PVC, grommeted around the perimeter, insulation is provided by a closed cell microfoam which keeps the heat directed to the ground or wall, and all edges are sealed to keep out the elements. These durable blankets are weather-proof, reusable, roll easily, store compactly, keeping you ready for the next storm!!