Removing Ice dams from roofs and eves can be very difficult.  Ice dam removal equipment is recommended.  Our testing shows roof melting cables and portable heated ice dam melting blankets are very effective devices.  The Powerblanket model# EH0310 (3′ x 10′) and the EH0325 (3′ x 25′) are both very good values and do an extremely good job of melting both roof ice and ground ice and snow.   See Powerblanket ice dam removal heated blankets at

Ice dams are caused when large amounts of ice form at the edge of the roof, thus trapping any snow on the roof behind it. With nowhere to go, the snow and water become trapped and will begin piling up on your roof, eves, and entryways. If ice dams have formed at the eaves of your roof you should immediately take measures to melt the ice enough to let any trapped water flow away.

Powerblanket is a low cost portable heating solution that works on virtually any surface area including troublesome ice dams and roof snow.  Designed originally for ground thawing and concrete curing, Powerblanket has branched out into new opportunities to provide heating solutions for almost any outdoor setting.

Powerblanket  thawing & heating can now be achieved without the hassles of tents, blowers, chemicals, or hazardous cables. This line of heated blankets are lightweight, portable, and a favorite among contractors and home owners alike. Powerblanket products can be purchased online at or by contacting them by phone at 866-805-4328 for more information on their complete line of ice dam melting blankets.

Roof Ice Melt

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 Melt Snow FastBlankets run full-throttle and maintain a consistent temperature beneath the blanket of 140°F for rapid thawing and melting of ice and snow. Adding a second insulated blanket on top is strongly recommended for maximum results and will raise temperatures beneath the blanket and keep wind from pulling away heat.

Powerblanket heated blankets are grommeted around the perimeter, insulation is provided by a closed cell microfoam which keeps the heat directed to the ground or wall, and all edges are sealed to keep out the elements. These durable blankets are weather-proof, reusable, roll easily, store compactly, keeping you ready for the next storm!!