When the white stuff falls like rain, shoveling becomes a necessity in areas where snow plows are a luxury and bad backs are a plenty.  Several years ago I was determined to find a better way of shoveling snow and thawing ice covered ground.  Of course I thought I knew it all which I quickly came to realize was a complete lie.  Using snow blowers, snow shovels, and chemicals to clear driveways, streets, sidewalks, and roads is old technology and not worthy of your time. May we recommend the Powerblanket ground thawing and concrete curing multi-use Blankets.  The nice thing is – they’re simple to use and they WORK!  A nice combination, when time is money.  Powerblanket heated ground thawing and curing blankets are available at these and other nationwide retailers:

Powerblanket can be purchased by calling 866-805-4328 or by visiting the website at www.HeatAuthority.com

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