Thawing frozen ground and soil can be tricky business.  Traditional methods (propane burners and chemicals) have given way to new advances in technology.  2 excellent products with different features that appeal to different buyers are the Powerblanket and/or RapidTHAW heat blankets which provide excellent thawing for plumbers, excavators, utility companies, concrete contractors, highway crews, and general construction companies.

Powerblanket products are UL/CSA/CE safety certified

Snow Melter

These unique heat spreading products use science to achieve maximum results.  By simply placing these heated blankets on ice, snow or frozen ground… the heat generated from the electric blanket melts the frozen surface pushing the melted liquids down into the frozen ground.  Because their blankets are insulated, minimal heat can escape out the top, creating a kind of regenerating heat engine underneath.  What used to take days or even weeks to accomplish can now be achieved in a fraction of the time.  Powerblanket and RapidTHAW blankets are light weight and very portable. Roll it out, plug it in, and watch your frozen problems melt away.  Check them out online at


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For best selection and fastest shipping options we recommend Heat Authority for all your thawing and freeze prevention needs.  Heat Authority carries large inventories so your certain to get everything you need from one supplier.  Keep your crews working all winter long and avoid costly weather delays.  CALL Heat Authority @ (866) 805-HEAT today!