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When you live in COLD country, there are literally 100’s of application for melting ice, snow, and frozen ground.  The list is too exhaustive to mention here but we have compiled our TOP 10 list of most common applications for melting snow and offer it to you for your consideration.  We also provide links to manufactured solutions.  Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your most common snow problem.  We’ll try to find a solution for your snow headache!

1.  Slipping on Icy Sidewalks – This is a BIG one. Everyone has taken a nose dive on an iced over sidewalk. It’s no fun… and can really hurt.  The most common solutions for this probelm are ice melting chemicals or thawing mats.  Both are very effective at eliminating ice and snow, but chemicals are a temporary solution where snow melting mats offer a longer term fix for those nasty trouble spots.  We recommend POWERBLANKET or RapidTHAW ice & snow melting mats or Qik Joe melting chemicals.

2.  Black Ice & Frozen Roads –  I still remember the first time I drove during a snow storm.  I grew up in Phoenix and was visiting Salt Lake.  The weather conditions turned nasty and I found myself sliding all over the road.  Lucky I didn’t get killed.  Salt products and liquid chemicals are often used to clear roads and bridges of troublesome snow and ice, but many areas of the country are moving away from salt based products.  Snow plows still move the big stuff followed up with some type of chemical or salt /sand combination.

winter thawing products

3.  The Slippery Staircase – So just how do you melt away nasty ice and snow from staircases and elevated platforms?  We still suggest a thawing mat or blanket designed for cold winter weather.  The blankets we reviewed are all water resistant and carry a full 1-year warranty. Check out HeatAuthority for best selection.

4.  Roof Snow & Icycles – Snow and ice buildup on roofs can be a winter nightmare.  Clogged rain gutters, dangerous pile-ups, damage to roofs and drains, and the list goes on and on.  In our experience there are 2 main trouble area relating to roof snow: 1. On the roof and eves 2. On the ground directly below the roofline.  Roof melting systems and ground thawing blankets are becoming popular due in part to advances in heat technology.

roof_ice thawing heated blankets

5.  Snow Covered Driveways – Heavy snowfall used to mean getting out the snow shovel, plow, or blower.  But with advances in technology, several new methods for carport snow removal are becoming fast and affordable.  First, we mention the heated driveway.  If you’re building a new home and have it in your budget, a heated driveway system is a very popular option for melting away driveway ice and snow.  For those of us who can’t afford a preheated solution, may we recommend an affordable heated outdoor melting mat designed to thaw snow and ice fast.

6.  Parking Lot Snow Piles – Snow plows are notorious for piling up huge snowbanks in parking lots and sidewalks making it vertually impossible to pass.  Sidewalks become huge snow dams and parking lots house mountains of the fluffy white stuff.  So what’s a person to do?  For commercial applications we recommend machines that melts 70 ton of snow per hour. For smaller jobs salts and heated blankets work well.

7.  Ice Dam Removal – Ice dams on the roof and eves are a real pain in the backside.  Removing them can be even trickier.  Powerblanket makes a portable thawing blanket that works perfectly for melting stubborn ice and snow.  We highly recommend the Powerblanket EXTRA-HOT (EH) Series for such projects.  Plug it in and walk away.  Within hours, the ice dam is melted and you’re back in business.  CALL 866-805-4328 for pricing and discounts.

Melt Snow

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New Products

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curemax-01We have scoured the web (and the world) searching for new and innovative snow melting products and news.  Our TOP 5 PICKS are listed below which will be updated monthly as new products & articles hit the airwaves.  Drop us a line and tell us your favorite product for thawing and melting snow.



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For best selection and fastest shipping options we recommend Heat Authority for all your thawing and snow melting needs.  Heat

Authority carries large inventories so your certain to get everything you need from one supplier.  Keep your crews working all winter long and avoid costly weather delays.  CALL Heat Authority @ (866) 805-HEAT today!

1. Heat Authority offers several brands and types of snow melting mats from small to large.  These new products are made of rugged rubber and/or vinyl and hold up very well even in the coldest climates.  Depending on your cold weather application you may want to deal directly with the supplier by calling or visiting their website at (866-805-HEAT). ALL product lines are very effective at melting snow, but the Powerblanket and/or RapidTHAW lines work best for thawing frozen ground especially in construction applications.

2.   If it’s salt or chemicals you need you’ve got a decision to make: “Do I go green or stay with the less expensive chemicals that are very effective but possibly farmful to the environment?”  A coupe of websites that offer up both options are listed below.  Scotwood CleanMelt 50LB Bags are a great buy and can be purchased from a number of retailers including The Great Hardware Store.  If your not green friendly and looking to save a buck, there’s always the old calcium chloride melting salts and pellets.  These can be found at any corner store.

Peters Chemical Company

3.  Peters Chemical Company has some very good information on ice melting chemicals. They cut through all the static noise and get right to the issue.  I would suggest visiting their website for detailed info on what’s going on in the world of snow melting chemicals.  … “whenever a product category gains such widespread acceptance, the market attracts a host of suppliers looking to capture a share. As a result, there are more than 100 brands of ice melters available today. Unfortunately, many of these products are packaged with no mention of their chemical composition. Others carry labeling which specifies contents but make erroneous or misleading claims about the products’ abilities. The result is considerable confusion about the benefits and limitations of such products.” Link

4. We mentioned Poweblanket earlier in this post but wanted to go into a little more detail regarding several of their newer snow melting and ground thawing products. Powerblanket is the patent holder and manufacturer of a revolutionary new heat spreading technology called GreenHeat Technology.  Blankets range in size from 2’x2′ up to their large 10’x20′ with many products now UL/CSA classified.  Their entire product line can be seen at Frozen Ground Thawing – A Contractor’s Best Friend.China’s ‘Ice City’ to Build Snow-Melting Device.  Get a load of this… Scientists in Harbin, known as the “city of ice”, in China’s northernmost Heilongjiang Province, will build the city’s first environmentally-friendly snow-melting device to get rid of snow piled up in the streets.  The device, called the “snow-melting room”, covers 150 square meters. It is equipped with a steam boiler and two melting pools connected to the urban drainage works. When snow is dumped into the two pools which have an iron plate bottom, the iron plate heated by the boiler melts the snow quickly.”The device is able to melt a truckload of snow in 15 minutes. Calculated on this basis, it will swallow 180 cubic meters of snow a day,” said Jiang Yuanlu, in charge of building the device.  Harbin is frequently snow covered. Usually it doesn’t melt until the spring of the following year as a result of the freezing ground temperature. To avoid harming the environment, the local government banned dumping of snow on farmland and in rivers.  Consequently, street clearers have to send the snow to construction sites where winter has halted work or to rubbish tips far from the city. When spring comes, the places where the snow was dumped become a terrible mess.  Once the technology has been officially assessed, the device will be built at Xiangfang District on a trial basis.Honorable Mention:

Although there are many dozen brands of ice melter, the list of materials in common use is much shorter. It includes the following compounds:

Of the materials listed, rock salt and calcium chloride are most extensively used in applications around commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Rock salt, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride are naturally occurring salts. Urea, ammonium nitrate, and ammonium sulfate are synthetic materials which find their most common applications as fertilizers.

frozen ground thawing blanket heater

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Snow Melting Mats

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snow melting blankets and mats Cold weather got you stuck?  We’ve got you covered!  RapidTHAW™ construction blankets do not require a thermostat. Blankets run full-throttle and maintain a consistent temperature beneath the blanket of 60°F above the ambient air temperature. Adding a second insulated blanket on top is strongly recommended for maximum results and will raise temperatures beneath the blanket by an additional 15°F.

RapidTHAW™ heated blankets are constructed of tough reinforced PVC, grommeted around the perimeter, insulation is provided by a closed cell microfoam which keeps the heat directed to the ground or wall, and all edges are sealed to keep out the elements. These durable blankets are weather-proof, reusable, roll easily, store compactly, keeping you ready for the next storm!!

frozen ground thawing blanket heater

Cold Weather Got You Stuck?  Winter Weather Killing Your Business?  We’ve Got You Covered! Cold weather construction just got a whole lot easier thanks to RapidTHAW electric ground thawing and snow melting outdoor heated construction blankets.  Built for tough outdoor conditions, RapidTHAW insulated heat blankets are waterproof, weatherproof and built to last.  Keep crews working and avoid costly delays by using the #1 name in outdoor heaters: RAPID THAW!

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Extra Hot – Powerblanket

The high watt density in Powerblanket® Extra-Hot Ground Thawing Blankets will help tackle the difficulty of thawing ground in harsh climates. The EH line of Powerblanket® flat blankets have a higher watt density and hotter temperature than our concrete curing blankets. The higher temperatures are ideal for ground thawing applications and curing epoxy or resins.

  • High watt density thaws frozen ground fast
  • Quickly remove frost prior to concrete pour
  • Melt snow and ice from roofs, walkways, and construction areas
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Can be used to cure epoxy and resins
  • UL/CSA/CE Safety Certified

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a Powerblanket customers had to say:

extra1“Your blankets are absolutely excellent. Thanks to Powerblanket®, we were able to quickly thaw the ground and complete our job. In fact, we estimate a savings of 10 hours per site equaling a savings of $5,000 already. Calculating this to our thousands of sites, the savings is huge! We are excited about the time and money Powerblanket has saved us and look forward to future savings.

Powerblanket’s Extra-Hot line of thawing and heating blankets provide superior protection and rapid thaw capability to users worldwide. Our Extra-Hot line was developed specifically for construction contractors, masons, backhoe operators, utility companies, and home owners needing a better method for heating, thawing, and protecting materials and equipment.

THAWING & HEATING Powerblanket thaws frozen ground for concrete preparation, sub-roughs, footings, utility excavation, and other cold weather construction applications. Melt and prevent snow and ice accumulation from construction sites, driveways, walkways, roofs and entryways. Preheat construction materials, sand & aggregate, rebar, and i-beams. Rapidly heat temperature sensitive materials all season long.

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Electric Thawing Blankets

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Cold weather got you stuck?  Let us introduce you to RapidTHAW™, an innovative new product manufactured exclusively for Heat Authority in the USA.

RapidTHAW™ ground heaters are engineered to withstand the harshest of outdoor winter environments. Quickly melt snow & ice, thaw frozen ground, heat rebar and other construction materials.  RapidThaw electric blankets are waterproof, weatherproof and built to perform under the coldest of temperatures.  Take the sting out of any cold weather construction project by using these affordable outdoor construction heaters – RapidTHAW!




* Light Weight Solution * Thaw Ground & Pipes
* Instock Ready to Ship * Melt Snow & Ice
* Eliminate Schedule Delays * Heat Sand & Aggregate
* Economical * Pre-Heat Rebar
* Welded Seams * Flatwork & Masonry
* NO open FLAME * Cure & Protect Concrete

RapidTHAW™ heated blankets are constructed of tough reinforced PVC, grommeted around the perimeter, insulation is provided by a closed cell microfoam which keeps the heated directed to the ground or snow, and all edges are sealed to keep out the elements. These durable blankets are reusable, roll easily and store compactly, ready for the next storm.

RapidTHAW™ blankets do not require a thermostat. Blankets run full-throttle and maintain a consistent temperature beneath the blanket of 60°F above the ambient air temperature.  Adding a second insulated blanket on top is strongly recommend for maximum results and will increase temperature by 10 to 15°F.  THAW 12″ of frozen ground in as little as 24 hours or faster.  Melt several feet of snow overnight.  Keep work crews working and projects on schedule with the only cold weather construction blanket on the market designed to thaw ice & snow at temperatures near or below zero!  RapidTHAW – Full Throttle!

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Electric Thawing Blankets

Snow Melting Tips

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We have reviewed hundreds of Snow Melting Products and offer up our TOP 11 TIPS list for dealing with the nasty white stuff.  Everything from salts to liquid chemicals to electric blankets to huge snow melting equipment.  We list it all here:


1. The high watt density in Powerblanket® Ground Thawing & Snow Melting Blankets helps tackle the difficulty of thawing ground in harsh climates. This line of Powerblanket® flat blankets have a higher watt density and hotter temperature than their concrete curing blankets. The higher temperatures are ideal for ground thawing applications, melting snow and ice… and curing epoxy or resins. ALL Powerblanket products are UL/CSA/CE safety certified and in stock for immediate shipment from or call 866-805-4328 to speak with a sales person who can help you solve your specific cold weather issues.

2. We also recommend RapidTHAW ground thawing and ice melting electric outdoor blankets for those who are on a budget. These blanket heat pads heat up quickly and do an amazingly good job of thawing frozen ground and snow at work or around the house.   RapidTHAW patented heat spreading technology delivers a light weight, targeted heating solution for frozen ground, ice and snow, concrete, drums & barrels, frozen pipes, motors & equipment and hundreds of other cold weather applications. They keep construction projects on schedule all winter long.. Ice, snow, and water resistant. Link (RapidTHAW USA 866-805-4328).


3.  LESCO has a unique selection of the fastest and best snow and ice melting products in the industry. The LESCO de-icing and snow melting products range from the basic salt based rock salt to the unique blends of LESCO-Melt and LESCO-Melt II for faster melting in lower temperatures. In addition, the LESCO-Melt de-icing products and safer because they utilize Magnesium Chloride which results in faster ice melting and reduced damage to cured concrete, sidewalks, driveways, roofs and gutters. Link


4.  Interstate Products offer fast acting, non-toxic, liquid chemicals for ice melting. Easy to apply with immediate results. Their products use No Alcohol, No Salt – No Brine, No Chlorides and No Magnesium! Nothing hazardous. Long lasting action saves on labor and down time. Environmentally friendly ice and snow melt chemicals with special inhibitors designed to quickly melt ice or snow on contact. Easy and safe to apply. Less corrosive than water, safe for normal use on nearly all hard surfaces. Link

snow removers

5.  Snow Removal Systems, Inc. (SRS), manufactures both portable snowmelters and mobile truck mounted melters. The company has designed and patented one of the single most environmentally friendly melting processes available to date for municipal, airport, and resort applications.  Their newly developed method, HTS (Heat Transfer System), combined with extreme melt tank water circulation, is a closed loop melting system. This eliminates the escape of any exhaust carbon or particulates into the byproduct melt water as it exits the melt tank.  Link


6.  The Bylin Pavement Snowmelt System automatically clears driveways and walkways as the snow falls using high-performance heating cable and custom designed control panels. The Bylin System has been shown to be significantly less expensive to operate year after year as compared to hydronic systems. Link


7. Qik Joe by Milazzo Industries offer a wide selection of chemicals for snow & ice control.  Ranging from salts to liquid chemicals to pellets.  Qik Joe products are fast and effective on tough frozen ground and pavement.  Link



8.  Valtec’s GREEN FIRE granular snow & ice melter options are easy to apply and are an economical choice for those on a budget. The very high effectiveness of the Green Fire product makes it an outstanding value and customers who purchase this item often come back for more. These products are safe to handle, won’t irritate your skin, and won’t damage surfaces.  Link


LSS Ice Melting

9.  LSS distributes a wide range of melting chemicals and heated mats for almost every situation.   Everything from basic snow shovels to chemical spreaders to ice melting pellets. Reasonably priced and very effective products. Link

michigan melters

10.  Michigan Melters manufacture large ice & snow melting machines available in several different sizes depending on your application.   These large machines can melt 70 ton of snow per hour without even blinking.  Link

desert mountain ice melting

11.  Desert Mountan specializes in High Performance Ice Melts including the Ice Slicer, Meltdown, Apex, and Apogee line of snow & ice melting products.  Visit them online for a detailed description of their full line of equipment. Link